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Russ Dizdar is an extremely dangerous deliverance minister who is deeply involved in Satanic ritual abuse conspiracy theories. Like many deliverance ministers, Russ Dizdar believes that many churches today have God fearing Christians in their congregations who secretly suffer from multiple personality disorder and Satanic ritual abuse.

     Only Russ takes this belief to the next bizarre and extreme level. He believes that many of these people are not really Christians at all. Instead, they are super-soldier military type Satanic cult members who have been programmed by Satanists who seek to bring about the rise of the antichrist by placing their people in your church to teach Sunday school and to undermine your pastor.

     Only the Satanists do not even know that they are Satanic super-soldiers because they have been programmed by the Satanic cult leaders with alternate Christian personalities that have no memory or knowledge of the Satanic personalities inside them let alone the demons that possess them. Russ Dizdar believes that these so-called sleeper Satanic super-soldiers have infiltrated virtually every aspect of our society and that they are waiting for the antichrist to unleash them upon the world.

     So if you have a disagreement with your pastor, you may find yourself accused of being a Satanic super-soldier sleeper secretly working for Satan to ruin your pastor's plans for a new carpet for the sanctuary. Or worse, followers of Dizdar's fantasy role playing game may actually try to take your children away from you before your Satanic personality offers one of your children up as a sacrifice to the devil on your child's birthday! Beware of Dizdar's madness. If you are under his teachings, flee for your life!

(And your wallet! Seems Dizdar's publisher wants you to pay $100 for his book!)


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     When Dizdar stated that "This book is the product of decades of research into an underground network that has remained completely hidden." What he doesn't tell you is what that research consisted of or where the doctine of the "Black Awakening" came from.

     The doctrine of the "Black Awakening" was given to Russ through one of his MPD clients during a deliverance session. This client allegedly had a demon possessed multiple personality that was a PSI super-soldier warrior from Fort Brag. If Dizdar's client was not really suffering from MPD and demon possession, then  Russ Dizdar's doctrine is the product of a shared delusion between him and his client. And if Dizdar's client was demon possessed, then any doctrines that came from the possessed man would have been the doctrines of demons and, therefore, a lie. Anyway you add it up, Dizdar's theory of a "Black Awakening" is false and very dangerous. 

this book had 666 pages in it when it first came out. there are  some that think he changed it, I had a friend who took this book to a publisher and it had to be done on purpose, in the book , the zero was used and with this it came out to 666 pages, the questions is why was this done??

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